Great Ideas For Starting A Shared Economy Business Like Uber or AirBnB

November 23, 2020 Leave a comment Business

When you have a side business like Uber or Airbnb, you need to take into account the events of the global pandemic. Yes, a lot of people have lost their jobs and millions of lives are affected all over the world. The truth is you will still need to continue to work because that is just the way life is. You can’t just forget about your side businesses. Social distancing is a must for Uber and Airbnb. For Uber, better to put a plastic wrap that would separate the driver and passenger so that you can be sure you won’t contact the virus. We all know the consequences if that happens even if it is a professional who specializes in dog sitting. You can’t really risk getting the virus as you may be putting the lives of your loved ones at risk. While it is true that there is a huge chance of surviving, the same can’t be said for the other people living in your house if they are old. For Airbnb, it better have a professional cleaning company disinfect the entire place after each guest has left. You never really know what is going to happen after that so it would be better to be safe than sorry. Also, have the guests sign a health declaration form so if anything happens then it is out of your hands. Of course, that is not saying something will happen but you never know since a lot of people are asymptomatic.

When you are driving an Uber, you would still want to communicate with the person sitting at the back. In addition, better decrease the number of drives you do in one day as that could result in a lot of people wanting to ride. We all know public transportation is limited so a lot of people are booking Ubers nowadays. It is not really safe for either one but they really have no choice because they would have no other way to get to their job like a dog sitting one. We all know a lot of people lost their jobs and a lot more layoffs could happen in the next few months. As a result, you got a lot of people complaining about how everyone is just letting this virus get over their heads since there is a huge survival rate anyway. The fact is health experts would caution that this virus is something that should not be underestimated even if there are a lot more deaths associated with cancer. The problem is if you know someone who died from something other than COVID-19 then you may not be able to see that person as social distancing will be implemented. The pandemic may call for new businesses where you may put your creativity at work. This is a great time to let everyone know how you feel when you put reviews up about all the people that rode in your car. Keep in mind that they can also do that for you.

Cool Technologies That Help Train Your Dog

September 15, 2020 Leave a comment Technology

Humans are not the only ones whose lives are being transformed by technology. In these modern times, we live in there is a range of cool technologies that can help train your pets to behave in more appropriate ways. In this article, we will be looking at a piece of technology known as a bark collar to help you assess whether it could be a good option for your dog.

A bark collar is a type of training collar that is designed to quieten down dogs who bark excessively by negatively reinforcing the dog’s barking behavior. The negative reinforcement most commonly comes in the form of a low-level electric shock delivered to your dog’s neck when the bark collar detects the animal’s vocal cords are in use.

It sounds horrific and, indeed, many people consider it a form of animal abuse. A bark collar is a controversial piece of technology, for sure, but does it actually work, and is it humane?

There are a number of studies proving bark collars work and a seemingly equal number proving that they don’t. The problem is, a lot of these studies are biased. They are either funded by bark collar manufacturers or orchestrated by animal welfare groups. There have been no real scientifically-controlled studies to see whether this type of negative reinforcement can actually change an animal’s behavior. There is, however, plenty of anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of bark collars on product review sites.

The more troubling question is whether or not fitting your dog with a bark collar is humane. The electric shock delivered by the bark collar has been likened to the type of shock we humans get from static electricity sometimes, a gentle shock rather than a painful shock.

Now, regardless of the intensity of the shock, some people would still consider that a form of animal abuse and so there is a range of different types of bark collar available that don’t use electric shocks of any kind.

One such collar, for instance, is fitted with a small microphone and releases a fragrance that dogs find revolting as soon it detects your dog barking. The problem with this type of bark collar is that if the microphone is too sensitive and it picks up other nearby dogs barking, your pet could be punished with bad smells even though it hasn’t been barking. In that case, the negative reinforcement becomes useless.

Another type of bark collar available releases high-pitched sounds that are undetectable to human ears but unpleasant for doggy ears. As with the other two types of bark collar, the efficacy of ultrasonic bark collars is somewhat questionable. There is no definite proof that they work, nor whether they work less well, as well or better than the other two types of bark collar.

Ultimately, it is a judgment call. If your dog is barking there is usually a reason, whether it is because there are other dogs that they can sense nearby, a stranger in their presence or just to get attention perhaps. At the same time, there are dogs that simply love barking. That’s what dogs do. A bark collar is just one way of trying to quieten particularly noisy dogs down a bit.

How To Puppy-Proof Your Home

September 1, 2020 Leave a comment Household

Having a puppy is something that will change your life and routines in a positive way since you will enjoy multiple moments with your new best friends that will make worth the extra companion. However, this is known by almost everyone that dogs, especially puppies are pets that tend to destroy everything that is at their reach, which includes technological devices, trash bags, cords, and even your couches or toilet paper reserves, for that reason, it’s important to make a puppy proofing environment to avoid causing any damage to the tiny animal who doesn’t know almost anything about the dangers of this world, let’s begin.


Puppies can get hurt with some things that are bigger or dangerous than them, for example, poisons like pesticides or medical drugs can put your best friend into a life or death situation, so, to avoid causing problems and annoying situations in the future, follow the next recommendation of keeping everything that could be dangerous or even object of causing a disaster at your home. With that being said, keep away your trash bags, cover and contain cords that could burn your puppy, this includes chargers and power cables as well, and also, don’t forget about putting your poisonous plants in case that you got one in your property, it will the best for them.


The most important thing to build a puppy proofing environment is giving them enough space to discover new things and adapt to their new home, while this can sound obvious, most people don’t let the dog be itself, which can develop into serious behavioral problems in the future like thinking that their own every environment or that they are the kings of everyone, in reality, it doesn’t work like that at all, so to avoid fights with other dogs, it will be better to start training your dog in its puppy days while giving enough space to play and discover new things.


Puppies are very small and due to that, their bones are weak and easy to break, so you must keep it away from different places in which there is enough distance to produce some serious damage to their bodies. So, forget about carrying the pup in the coach or if you want to do that, at least do it in small furniture where there is not any way in which the pet gets hurt by any circumstances. The best day of accomplishing this task is by setting limits to your environment, keep them away from the outdoors, places where cars pass, gates, doors, and even high zones where tragedies could happen if you’re not careful enough.

There are hundreds of cases in which puppies get broken bones due to the lack of knowledge of their owners which were carrying the poor puppy in high places and it fell due to an accident, don’t be like that, dogs don’t need to be carried, and if you want to do it as a sign of love and affection, do it under correct circumstances where there is not any possible way of causing damage to the tiny pup, it’s up to you and your dedication and hard work to make a puppy-proof home and environment, good luck!

How To Remove Heavy Char From Frying Pans

August 4, 2020 Leave a comment Household

Removing char from frying pans sounds pretty. The truth is it is a lot harder than it sounds. There will be a few steps that need to be followed. one wrong move and you know you are doomed. Here are the steps in getting the heavy char out so that you will learn it the next time you encounter a problem like this:

Add Few Drops of Soap to Pan

It is no surprise that this is the first step since you would basically need to wash the pan. Make sure you possess a good brand of soap so the results would be more than satisfactory. This is not the time to risk it with a brand that has yet to prove itself. It would indeed be better to be safe than sorry.

Add One Tablespoon of Baking Soda

The next step would be to add one tablespoon of baking soda in order to fill the pan. You know you will feel confident that it will be pretty clean when you put baking soda in it. It would usually take care of other things that are tougher to clean than frying pans.

Fill 1/4 of the Pan with Water

There is no need to worry whether or not the water is clean or not. Besides, if it is hot then it will most likely do a great job of cleaning the frying pan.

Let Pan Simmer

When the pan simmers, that means you are one step closing in getting rid of the char in the frying pan. Better observe for a few minutes until you know it would be safe to proceed to the next step. After all, the pan is going to be a bit hot so it would be better to use gloves for the task.

Use Toothbrush to Eliminate the Char

This is when you can use a toothbrush to remove all the grease out of the frying pan. If it is burnt, it will be pretty hard but you know you are going to exert a lot of effort in order to get all that dirt out of there.

Rinse with Water

Also, you must get rid of the water since that is already dirty. Don’t make the mistake of trying to drink it. It does not mean that it is mixed with baking soda then it already means that it would taste great. You must get rid of it as soon as possible. Of course, you must let the frying pan dry so it won’t be long before you can use it again. If it is only a few hours before you eat again, you know it won’t be long before you need to do so.

In conclusion, you will encounter char on your frying pans quite often. Hence, you are going to repeat this process a lot more often than you originally thought. Thus, better get the cleaning materials ready which won’t be much since you just need soap, baking soda, and a lot of water.

5 Smart Devices That Every Household Should Have

July 29, 2020 Leave a comment Technology

When you are updated with the latest in technology at home, life will become a lot easier. Thus, why not equip your household with a ton of smart devices? It may take time to know how to use these items but once you do, you know every cent you paid for the item would be worth it. Here are 5 smart devices that every household should have:

Eufy Video Doorbell

When you’re renting out a place that has an old doorbell, you would want to install this beauty. It lets you capture on video who is ringing the doorbell. Also, you have the option to make it battery operated so you would need to buy batteries every now and then. The bottom line is that you will know right away who is knocking on your door rather than needing to come over there and send the person off.

Amazon Echo Studio

This Smart speaker is pretty impressive and affordable at the same time. When you set it up, it is like you have a giant cinema right at your home. Also, the sound is so loud that you will be motivated to play a lot of movies and music then invite all your friends over for a party.

Arlo Pro 3

This Smart security camera is small and pretty easy to set up so you won’t need the help of anyone in trying to set it up. Also, its design is pretty up to date so you know they worked hard in that department. One of the features this product is known for is the zooming so you can zoom on some important happenings when the time is right. You can watch the camera right on your smartphone so you know you can get what you want and need.

Google Nest Hub Max

You’re going to love how you can control all your Smart devices at home from the Google Nest Hub Max. In fact, you can do it using your voice and you will feel great about how everything is operated at the comforts of your home. Subscribing to this thing will give you a lot of useful things at the same time too.

Philips Hue

This Smart light is pretty convenient for any home. You can’t blame yourself if you get tempted by having a bunch of it right at your home. Also, you know you are going to save a lot of money in terms of the next electricity bill. This is perfect for those who are not that tech-savvy since it is pretty to set up and use immediately. Yes, there is no need for a manual.

All the above items come at a price. However, it is going to be worth it when you get all of them. You know how nice it would be when you live in a place full of Smart devices. It would be something you can be proud of and you would not mind inviting people over for a quick snack.