How To Puppy-Proof Your Home

September 1, 2020 Household

Having a puppy is something that will change your life and routines in a positive way since you will enjoy multiple moments with your new best friends that will make worth the extra companion. However, this is known by almost everyone that dogs, especially puppies are pets that tend to destroy everything that is at their reach, which includes technological devices, trash bags, cords, and even your couches or toilet paper reserves, for that reason, it’s important to make a puppy proofing environment to avoid causing any damage to the tiny animal who doesn’t know almost anything about the dangers of this world, let’s begin.


Puppies can get hurt with some things that are bigger or dangerous than them, for example, poisons like pesticides or medical drugs can put your best friend into a life or death situation, so, to avoid causing problems and annoying situations in the future, follow the next recommendation of keeping everything that could be dangerous or even object of causing a disaster at your home. With that being said, keep away your trash bags, cover and contain cords that could burn your puppy, this includes chargers and power cables as well, and also, don’t forget about putting your poisonous plants in case that you got one in your property, it will the best for them.


The most important thing to build a puppy proofing environment is giving them enough space to discover new things and adapt to their new home, while this can sound obvious, most people don’t let the dog be itself, which can develop into serious behavioral problems in the future like thinking that their own every environment or that they are the kings of everyone, in reality, it doesn’t work like that at all, so to avoid fights with other dogs, it will be better to start training your dog in its puppy days while giving enough space to play and discover new things.


Puppies are very small and due to that, their bones are weak and easy to break, so you must keep it away from different places in which there is enough distance to produce some serious damage to their bodies. So, forget about carrying the pup in the coach or if you want to do that, at least do it in small furniture where there is not any way in which the pet gets hurt by any circumstances. The best day of accomplishing this task is by setting limits to your environment, keep them away from the outdoors, places where cars pass, gates, doors, and even high zones where tragedies could happen if you’re not careful enough.

There are hundreds of cases in which puppies get broken bones due to the lack of knowledge of their owners which were carrying the poor puppy in high places and it fell due to an accident, don’t be like that, dogs don’t need to be carried, and if you want to do it as a sign of love and affection, do it under correct circumstances where there is not any possible way of causing damage to the tiny pup, it’s up to you and your dedication and hard work to make a puppy-proof home and environment, good luck!

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